instead, congrats

Foam cones
with seed rats.

Sick dune loofa
video rat bite
and the work


Lear, you killed
a serious mad investment of time
and resources, king top quality.

There is, however, a catch…
more accurately, a question…

When someone like me happens
atop the random ink
how do you make a connection
with that person?

Studies show that what sticks around
is then gone with the wind.

Here’s a way to create INSTANT rams
and numb sows INSTANTLY ewe
interested bores –
so that literary caulking with a demon
angers your business –
and it gets even better…
once you’ve captured their Lear,
you can automatically start a text
a literary fence between contacting someone
if you don’t close a deal right away
a text
new ink
just notes
to build a relationship scribed simple.

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