Leaked Email From Liberal Party of Canada Lays Out The Plan, Very Concerning.

Cinder Rose
cinder rose


Leaked From
leaker REMOVED.

I want to provide you some information:
nothing stops outcomes.

Rush the isolation
sever tExt pecked by daily news
surge beyond capacity
increase growth
curve the expected.

lock down stricter fists and rolling haze restrict the expected
reform and expand
transition into the universal

expect mutation
infect a wave
hire mortality higher
infect the expected.

exceed capacity
expect lock down
implement restrictions imposed supply chain breaks the
expected deploy military
establish movement.

Provide the expected along that road map
ask to design transition
meet unprecedented endeavor
change the face
alter lives.

offset collapse on sale
offer total debt relief.
eliminate all debt
accept total debt
forgive ownership.

agree to partake in vaccination
unrestrict the unrestricted
live even under lock down.

ask who would become the owner
forfeit assets
lend the world
question what would happen
refuse art
reset the troubling
make sure to ensure art

push relentlessly
answer those who refused
live under the infinite.

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