mash assets

mash assets
rash messes body
does this pattern ring a bell?

You seed
untold wealth
all it takes is 20 minutes a day.

You bite produce
only to find
it’s rehashed matter
that doesn’t even work.

The next day
you seed promising untold wealth

art lover, I know beans you can call whatever you want
shiny object overload
trackers suffer from
lover’s numb crucial mistakes
you will be making
old buck lover how to make a trash fling your own
grow ducts that are easy to build.

Can you really afford not to tell it like
it is raining beef
don’t let it pass you
Never Succeed Online
struggling to make
money online
open your eyes click on this lick to check

fake amour
armor hot
stem tap
haven elf
bone host
treats chronic
obstructive money
sore mist
head in stem
tapes roar
in formation we
eat peas

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