⚠⚠⚠SPAM⚠⚠⚠ RE;

bats draw roils
Tame Bats atop Banks with Standards
BankS in need of a reliable reign
to carry out important deals.

banks bust Nations
who made a fixed deposit
nill sands and never shown
and later discovered
dead on a plane
crash that occurred in hay
I can give you a link
to that crash if you care.

Since nobody is coming
or knows about haunted presence
you ate lies we can make
and you can eat so I can give
ration transgressions
For sharing the moon
in the ratio of 50% for me
40% for you
and 10% to bats.

because accumulated absolutes
tell me if you are an ass
as I know how to Wait
for your urgent reply
and call bats.

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