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Razali Rubin Nawawi Malay
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Strike when the iron’s hot

Strike when the iron’s quick quest
found a sea – you showed up near — 
the ship sank
so whatever you’re doing
looks like it’s working.

So here’s my quest – what happens AFTER someone lands
on your island.

Research tells us at least 70% of the people
disappear… forever.

That means that all the work you put into getting them to show up
goes to waste
because the odds are they’ll just grab their phone.
But here’s a thought…

what if you could make it super-simple for someone to raise their hand
say okay, let’s require you to pull your cell phone from your pocket
You can
thanks to revolutionary new software that can literally make that happen

a widget that sits ready and waiting
to capture any visitors
IMMEDIATELY – so that you can, you know,
strike when the iron’s hot!

30 minutes later a huge Text you’ve captured —
the visitor — you can automatically Imagine 
how powerful this could be –
if they don’t take your credibility 
when the iron’s great work wastes money
chasing eyeballs.

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Our valued art
fraud hero,
got sum hope
you & your family
in the dell well
at this special time.

strum off your thumb. 
try repetitive pie.
pi-based nuance. 

Thought is chipped
where data records.

warranty provided provides a wallow for you 
an art carton. 

Tired of spam?

If you read these words 
your domain is a global darkness
of debased less-than-honest artsters 
who spam for wages &
bricks you don’t need. 

You should have noticed 
that lead glows 
spam lives
frustrates more than hurts 
because in a pile of garbage
essential messages get lost sometimes.
If t’s vital to stop spam 
to rid you of this scourge 
or at least reduce your time, money, and mental resources pay more
attention to essential things: 
reading garbage and spam. 

get professional help 
from me