From Stacie Chambliss

Face bliss
tie ham bale.
God was just on your site
and submitted this message:
your contact form the “contact us” page
on your site sends you messages like this:
you are reading my message at this moment:
this is the holy grail
a kind of online ad
getting people to READ your message
and this is exactly what you’re doing now!

If you would like to Rome to Milan
via Iraq in the US
or anywhere in the world
(sick not now)
focus on fishes and slow

erase your mist. 

Ready-made scale models of World of Tanks

i scowl
my cowl


Ready-made world
anxious age
bodies dead.
Pan resonates
looking for distributors
for its unique product:
ready-made massive mayhem &
lame world.

resign from the game  
focus on
have no competitors 
curate mad details
lost foes.

then please be slow. 

as resin scales book resin
resins ignore this mess
as if it had been wrongly sent

a storm on art.

Your site – more leads?

with blisters
must write read


Hey, this is forest.
Looks great… but now what?

By that I mean,
when someone finds me
– either through search or just bouncing around –
what happens next? 

Do you get enough to make you happy?

fall a bit
g ps.

Studies show that 70% of stars
and are gone forever.

How about making it really EASY
to talk with butter-soft ridges
rapture signals
let you know
the difference between 5 minutes
or more.

It gets even better…
you automatically start a text.
That way, if you don’t steal right away
you can follow up
even just “how you doing?” notes
to build a pretty sweet
– AND effective —

Please moderate: “Seabuckthorn – Sirola”

the Seabuckthorn
is waiting
for your approval


Curse of Panicdemic
a trusted game
that can be played.

intensified sun
Pan Pan
attractive embers
subsequent fixed ideas

cashback pomo tar
turnover Pan really 
appreciate the embers who exploit  
by giving turnover.

To be the best Pan
is always aggravating

to intensify our faculties 
be able to come up
with money.

lead pies
every element lead
banks and long-suffering wallets
advantage: Pan
to be anxious
to become the best trash