Your site – more leads?

with blisters
must write read


Hey, this is forest.
Looks great… but now what?

By that I mean,
when someone finds me
– either through search or just bouncing around –
what happens next? 

Do you get enough to make you happy?

fall a bit
g ps.

Studies show that 70% of stars
and are gone forever.

How about making it really EASY
to talk with butter-soft ridges
rapture signals
let you know
the difference between 5 minutes
or more.

It gets even better…
you automatically start a text.
That way, if you don’t steal right away
you can follow up
even just “how you doing?” notes
to build a pretty sweet
– AND effective —

Please moderate: “Seabuckthorn – Sirola”

the Seabuckthorn
is waiting
for your approval


Curse of Panicdemic
a trusted game
that can be played.

intensified sun
Pan Pan
attractive embers
subsequent fixed ideas

cashback pomo tar
turnover Pan really 
appreciate the embers who exploit  
by giving turnover.

To be the best Pan
is always aggravating

to intensify our faculties 
be able to come up
with money.

lead pies
every element lead
banks and long-suffering wallets
advantage: Pan
to be anxious
to become the best trash



Its time to pay serious attention to these Errors

Forest Arden

I came across your wonder-site.

Why, I never expected such a brilliant site
to have haws that dampen berms
following dew points
to mediate loss.

SO fundamental sand revels —
goggles sate rhythm to penalize poor ponds.

So check once again your sit set back
narrated not in sync
with current competition.

Low domain theory back links
leads to ranking plague.

Social narratives not proper,
diminishing brand valves —

just a snippet of pale sorrows
everthere more and lit
to make you write

friendly cat dog
roars to gain strategic edge.

this is relevant
it’s generic,
a detailed roar
to your bite:

sanding chives
to maximize.

From: Ardis Parmley

Farmyard harm alarm:

I was just smiting this age
via your “contact us” form.

The page you tend
like this veil of reason

you are reading
this rough mess at this moment

That’s the achievement
with any type of versing
getting people to actually
READ your verse and I did that just now
with you! an ad you would like to blast
to fight I can even focus
on art
a niche
and plow
write a nail


We leased an ounce of wind
to draw on the gust
to mix names and dress the real,
we traced the embers,
we selected bats.

intentional mad mail merged alongside 
Wit and gory lion’s Law.

Sequined, you proved total Eros’s
One Million flowing particulars
are attached to your lame order.

Once a year people facing Covid-19 are proud to say
that over 200 Million Euros are won
in more than 150 countries worldwide. 

To claim your prize
contact the appointed agent
as soon as DR.AMPARO ITUBI 
Sails aboard ocean


We need your response urgently

RazalilBon antocrespo consultant
Sect Weeedle urgento your spawnse ur-gently
Massage Body friendly, Myname sarara.

Razali Rubin Nawawi Malay
i lawyer baseen Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysi previo sly u-nail regardo
reaction fUShillion left holding my loot.

lie client death tragic I contact you once
gain cause after go roughly strongly believe
to be in position to execute business
nasaktion Plesifou retrested prok.

the kindly respondo my email regently
for detail transaction 100%
Look forward Regarding Razali Nawawi
Rubin informatin telephone klep.

Strike when the iron’s hot

Strike when the iron’s quick quest
found a sea – you showed up near — 
the ship sank
so whatever you’re doing
looks like it’s working.

So here’s my quest – what happens AFTER someone lands
on your island.

Research tells us at least 70% of the people
disappear… forever.

That means that all the work you put into getting them to show up
goes to waste
because the odds are they’ll just grab their phone.
But here’s a thought…

what if you could make it super-simple for someone to raise their hand
say okay, let’s require you to pull your cell phone from your pocket
You can
thanks to revolutionary new software that can literally make that happen

a widget that sits ready and waiting
to capture any visitors
IMMEDIATELY – so that you can, you know,
strike when the iron’s hot!

30 minutes later a huge Text you’ve captured —
the visitor — you can automatically Imagine 
how powerful this could be –
if they don’t take your credibility 
when the iron’s great work wastes money
chasing eyeballs.