COVID-19 Vaccination Causing Paralysis, Convulsions, And Death – Videos and Proof Inside!

sars? ha!
COVID-19 nations
sing convulsions and death
Poof! The New Normal cement
ratchet mown below
alienation anecdotal
Biggest Dump
Extreme armful OV Vaccine
stymies consensus this info is not dangerous!
Why focus on cases rather than deaths
there are more deaths overall shot the worse, not better you can’t sue Covid
the government won’t spit
lost on twitter
because of lash-wit
You can see the url titter
tweet takedown emitter brash stutter
Because they privately roasted the yuletube in which the link is sawsAge
Whats strange?
bigger broady double
futhermore hastebook riled spacebook
And instagram stammogrammed neon omen shaking uncontrollably
modern dachshundation
tongue spams bit her update

shaking uncontrollably after Pfizer shot facebook
and youtube ddt’d the chud

is gorse still?
how to fix this please pray cry knowing
don’t covid19 grin
More dead more-than-dead
FLAY Covid
jab flux

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