this oil removes 15 years of wrinkles

caul laired
the secret behind youth
fickle-free this secret
tallow rot
loot according to Ford’s top surgeon:
Dr. Buck says dollars
Dr. Buck says the secret to having youth
is farts where skin thick slow gold-causing winks sag
farts are your face and neck
which if ignored, can make you look old
actually, if you follow the secret, it can actually make you like PAblum.

Dr. Buck then went on to say: “These are rats
erected To address the areas we focus on
helping the surface
as well as tightening and lifting the supportive tissues
under the skin.”

And since hearing these secrets
thousands farted using oils
from a flower That’s oil has been shown to tighten
Which, if you remember what Dr. Buck said,
you need to focus on
if you want sand oil
below Tighten and lift
THIS oil.

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