Quick Question

I hope you are having a good day
so far and quick
questioning your core.

I found you last week
as I was shopping around
and thought I might reach you.

My name is sham-Commerce
sultan from St. Louis
and I am looking to see
if there is any potential weather. 

I work in a vent
a duct quiet
a hole loud.

creation’s sting
optimization’s lies
that sell the same.

I have ears with a strong focus
Wood I have worked
never fierce

a well with platforms
chopified art
working a bit of pencil
model splats & strategies
With hovering being
mentioned stings to see
if there is anything
in particular.

I can guard your old wood
speak in the day
or respond with a good day
and I am more than happy
to see how light
helps you hope
you enjoy
the rest
of your day. 

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