Dead info:
I have a nest
rat wants to villianize.

“funds for pan only
can not invest the money into that.”

want to, but man, that be making good profits
“but need funds for PAN
can only invest in props
realistic Tests
or a Prune that Eats corona v.”

Real state Bile
Information technology
Pharmaceutical Oil
dust Mining & dust Consulting
dust dust
Hospital & Health Care dust
Consumer dust
International Trade and Development dust
Gambling Electronic Manufacturing dust
Insurance dust, Chemical dust
king Advertising dust
Leisure, Travel & Tourism dust
Agriculture dust
Real dust
Real state dust.

and any other viable nest
pan funds from from
my lie, me and you
mount pan taking the funds
pan will be entitled to 2.5% and you will retain 2.5%
as Global Finder’s fee.

There will be a face
a face between the nest and the invest
hold not, lest stone or wrecked lies
pan feeds li(v)es
i need absolute confidentiality
in the transaction
as the fund
wants to remain silent
so you have to keep it
highly confidential
between us.

I need the pan
and the pan
needs me.

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