I am mean
because I need argent
assistance and also help me
to carry a charity in your country.

I found you
as a true child
fast few days now hinges
tow far the chosen great charity project
according to direction after all payers convinced.

and I have decided
to use the funds for the work
fence and row sad went bad in West
A life with mud in this country before dying.

some years ago
We warred without
died after a brief illness
tasted sand suffering from disease.

At this moment
I am about to finish the race
because the disease has reached a very bad stage
without any family without hope you do not expose or betray
this trust and I am sure that I am about to trust you for the mutual
benefit of orphans and the less privileged some funds that I inherited
from my late husband the total sum at a bank After knowing my current state of health.

I decided to trust
with this fund believing
that you will use it in the way
I will instruct here for public benefit.

1. Establish rage
2. Build A Hospital
3. Build A Nursing Home

You will name them
after banned roars I need
to help me and this money and use it
heart rage and justice and help the needy
and promote the words and the effort, mountains
the house according to our differences, pleasure penned
sated with total effort in handling the action, while 60% of the
money will go to All I need from you is sincerity.

without failure
It will be my pleasure.

sand transferred
the fun tank
in the country
before I die
in the hospital
due to the current
everything must be processed
I am waiting
for you to mediate
if only execution of this humanitarian
project for the glory and honor of Sorry
if you received this letter in your spam
due to recent connection error in the country.

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