Leather to launder

I lie pale
saner LUTE elusive.

sOur pan squarted down rights
marked and tiraded.

I would like to present you
like to trip u
assist with norms and Positive pacts.

But Sustenance effects health,
Evolution loathing
Vegetables hide scars
processed wit haggle-tracts
Non-allergenic props
Innovative characteristics.

– it does not require maintenance or lining,
– it colors With the thinnest words,
– The stretch reshapes without deforming
– regains softness with body contact.

war From Euro has Minimum order
War tears Care
Set the ash machine up to 451┬░Fahrenheit
bleached signs
flack lauded
approved nuse
neat conditions
lead horizon.

The singing water
will be colored
lashes f0r nothing
to worry about since
the color is not affected
After about a hundred lashes
there can only be minimal loss of color.

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